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The label was divided into two parts, an ornamental border containing the senders advertisement and a central portion for the address. These two were separated by a thick black line. What had caught Broughtons eye was an unevenness along this line, and closer examination showed that the central portion had been cut out, and a piece of paper pasted on the back of the card to cover the hole. Felixs address was therefore written on this paper, and not on the original label. The alteration had been neatly done, and was almost unnoticeable. Broughton was puzzled at first, then it occurred to him that the firm must have run out of labels and made an old one do duty a second time.

And then, with regard to Thursday and Thursday night. To have caught the 9.00 a.m. from Charing Cross, Felix must have left St. Malo at not later than 8.50. According to his statement, his breakfast was left ready for him at 8.00, and there certainly would not have been time for him to eat it. But there was nothing to prevent him having in two or three minutes dirtied the plates and carried away some food, to give the impression he had had his meal. Here there was hope of help from the charwoman. Clifford could not decide the point till he had interviewed her.

I am afraid I could hardly be sure of that. He crossed both ways fairly lately. I should say about ten days or a fortnight ago, but Im not sure of the exact date.

From Madames house to the Hotel Continental is about fifteen minutes walk. What, then, did you do in the interval?

To which I might add a word, said Mr. Avery, and he told of the visit of Mr. Felix to the office and handed over the envelope he had left.

The leaking casks were turned damaged end up and lifted aside for temporary repairs. The third barrel was found to be uninjured, but when they came to the fourth it was seen that it had not entirely escaped.

And what time did you arrive at the Gare St. Lazare?

You see, therefore, monsieur, the necessity of our tracing the cask as privately as possible.

I hope well have some news for you later in the day.

First he would go again to the Charenton waiter and explain the importance of settling the day on which Boirac lunched. Perhaps the man would now be able to recall some circumstance which would make this clear. Next he would find out from Fran?ois and Dufresne whether any phrase such as Calais wants you had been used by the telephone operator. This inquiry, he noted, must be made with great skill, so as to avoid rousing Boiracs suspicions should either man repeat the conversation. From the telephone central at Calais, if not at Paris, he could doubtless find if calls were made from the former town to the latter at the hour in question, and he might also find that some one answering to the description of Boirac had made those calls. Finally, it might be possible at Ostend to get information about the Brussels call.

Thank you. You were in Paris recently, I believe?

I assure you, Mr. Felix, I am making no mistake. I saw not only the impression on your pad, but also the original letter itself, which had been received by Messrs. Dupierre.

He was of medium height and dark, with a black beard. I did not take special notice of him.

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I got back early this morning, and I was here before your office opened. Take that as the measure of my willingness to help.

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No, thanks.

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I have a police box cart here, said Lefarge. Give me your papers and well have the cask out in a brace of shakes.

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But here again all that La Touche gained was confirmation of Boiracs statement. Fran?ois recollected the telephone message, and he was sure Boirac had spoken. He positively recognised the voice and equally positively he remembered the day. It was Tuesday. He was able to connect it with a number of other small events which definitely fixed it.

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Of course we will, but it may not be so easy as you seem to think. At the same time there are two other points, both of which seem to show he was at least alone.

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Suzanne, I said, Madame has had to go to Switzerland suddenly and unexpectedly. She had to rush off to catch the train without proper time for packing, still, I hope she was able to take enough for the journey?

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