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Yes, he had not even stopped talking as he tore it open. The next moment the room had started to swing round him; he had been obliged to take a seat, every one staring at him, eyeing him askance. How he managed to get out of the place and home, he didnt know. His mind seemed to have escaped control: felt like a childs puzzle that had been rudely jolted into hundreds of pieces, and had now all to be re-set. Which I dont feel equal to, Mary and thats the truth. Something seems to have broken inside me.

Hardly a letter received by Mary that morning but had besought them to regard the writers house as their own: they had only to make their choice. Yes, and give umbrage to all the rest. Nonsense, Mary! Well just slip off quietly to a hotel. We dont need to consider the expense now, and shall be much freer and more comfortable than if we tied ourselves down to stay with people.

This was better. In the outlying district where he found himself, no traffic moved. Roads and paths were sandy and grass-edged. The scattered houses lay far back in their gardens, screened by rows of Scotch firs. He met no one, could think in peace; and over a knotty point he stopped short and dug with his stick in the sand.

Mrs. Challoner was a member of the vicarage sewing-circle; and here she met Mary, to whom she seemed to take a liking; for she called, asked her to Toplands, and, as a special mark of favour, drove her out in her carriage; Mahony being simultaneously summoned to attend the younger of the two sons, a delicate lad of seventeen. Thus, when, in Marys opinion, the time had come to return the various invitations they had received, by herself sending out cards for a party, she felt justified in including Mrs. Challoner. And, sure enough, had in reply a graceful note of acceptance. So far good. But now it was that Mary let her hospitable impulses outride her discretion. At the vicarage she had made a further acquaintance, in the shape of a Mrs. Johnston-Perkes, a very charming lady who had been settled in Buddlecombe not much longer than they themselves. And having it from this persons own lips that she came of a good Oxfordshire family, besides meeting her where she did Mrs. Dandy, for example, was not made free of the sewing-club how was Mary to guess that the Johnston-Perkes were not in the swim? Nor could Richard have helped her. For the dark fact, unknown to either, was that in his day the husbands father had had some Connection with a publishing firm; and though Mr. Perkes himself had never soiled his hands thus, yet the business stigma pray, did not the issuing of books imply the abhorred counter? clung to him and his lady-wife and tracked them from place to place. What followed proved according to Mahony that, though good enough for God and His works witness the ladys presence at the vicarage! the Johnston-Perkes were not by any means good enough for the upper crust of Buddlecombe; and the consequence was, Marys party was a failure. There was no open contretemps; Mrs. Challoner and her satellites behaved with perfect civility. But it was impossible, to Mahonys mind, to misread the crippling surprise writ big on these peoples faces; and the atmosphere of the drawing-room remained icy would not thaw.

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My dear, you shall have as good and better. Rather much oilcloth here for my taste. The grounds, too, struck me as stiffish, what I saw of them. Rising to take another look through a raised slat of the venetian, he turned and beckoned his wife. What do you say to this, Mary? Peeping over his shoulder she saw their host, in comfortable corduroys, without his coat, his shirt-sleeves rolled up above his elbows, trundling a loaded wheelbarrow. Said Mahony: Seems to have turned into a very decent sort of fellow indeed, does our good Cincinnatus.

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