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Theyre me own and Ill stick to em, come what may! For theyre all Ive got, dearie . . . all Ill ever get from the whole galumphing galoot. With which Mary was forced to agree; and though seven lived and a ninth was on the way.

A lengthy silence followed. The clock ticked; the dog sighed gustily. Then, feeling the moment come, the lady rose and swept her skirts to the piano. Let me play to you, said she.

He got no further; for here was it that Selinas prim voice broke on his ear. The girl had followed in his steps to say that Jopson, the liveryman, was at the back door and wished to speak to him. A patient also waited in the passage.

I think dear Mary quite the most capable person I know.

Till one or other touched a secret spring, and straightway he was launched again on those dreams and schemes with which he believed his last unhappy experience had for ever put him out of conceit. Oh, the house he would build! . . . the grounds he would lay out . . . the books he would buy . . . and buy . . . till he had a substantial library of his own. All the rare and pretty things that should be Marys. The gifts they would make her dear old mother. The competency that should rescue his own people from their obscure indigence. The deserving strugglers to whom he would lend a hand. Even individuals he disliked or was fretted by Zara, Ned, Neds encumbrances sipped from his overflow. Indeed he actually caught himself thinking of people poor devils, mostly who had done him a bad turn, and of how he could now requite them.

Pray, have I hindered you from doing so?

Now, for goodness sake, Richard! . . . cried Mary; then bit her lip. He was quite capable of carrying out his threat, did she make the least show of opposition.

Entirely pacified, Mahony kissed her and together they went downstairs. According to Mother, who had now to be drawn into confidence, the person to consult would be Bealby the chemist; he had dispensed for Mr. B. ever since the old man grew too comfortable to do it for himself. So Mahony on with his hat and off to Bealbys shop, well content to leave Mary to damp the exasperating flutter into which the news had thrown her relatives. Well, no, he wouldnt say that: in Mother even this was bearable. It was true, declaring you might knock her down with a feather, she had seated herself heavily in her chair by the fire, to think and talk over the plan in detail. But her cheery old mind saw only the bright side of it; while her kindly, humorous smile took the sting from fuss and curiosity. Lisby was harder to repress. She threw up her hands. No! NEVER did I hear tell of such a thing, Polly I would say Mary! Going off to buy a practice, my dear, for all the world as if it were a tooth-brush or a cravat! Richard safely out of the house, Mary felt constrained to come to his defence.

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Now, mother, give over trying to make yourself engaging, was Lisbys comment. You know the truth is, no one troubled less about the burglars than you. Before my mother went to bed she would lay out all the silver and plate and her rings and brooches, in neat piles on the table, so as to save the robbers trouble should they come.

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And now Tilly had probably spoilt everything, by her hasty, ill-considered action.

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On taking to his bed he had severed, at one stroke, every link with the outside world: and soon he was to lie drug-sodden and mercifully indifferent even to the small world of his sickroom. But before this happened he expressed one wish or rather gave a last order. The nature of his illness was not to be made known beyond the family circle.

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Purdy capped her fiction. Is that all? Why, you lisped your first prayer at my knee.

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In vain did Mary harp on Tillys sterling qualities. Before a week was out, Mahony swore he would prefer fewer virtues and more tact. Goodness of heart could be rated too highly. Why should not quick-wittedness, and sensitiveness to your neighbours tender places, also be counted to your credit? Why must it always be the blunt-tongued, the hob-nailed of approach, who got all the praise?

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